Who are we?

BSI B.V. is a family business with over 30 years of experience in the import, processing and marketing of cut flowers. We are located just to the southwest of Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer, the best-known and largest flower auction in the world. Our location affords us direct access to the distribution platform of Royal FloraHolland and also to all relevant market information and trends. Our skilled team takes care of the receipt, inspection, processing and marketing of cut flowers from Africa and South America. We do this for a selected group of growers, each of which has its own floral arrangement and philosophy. 

Most of the flowers are auctioned at Royal FloraHolland. This auction is the largest available showcase for growers to offer their wonderful products to a vast and diverse buying public. 

What do we do?

Each day we process no less than 200 different varieties of cut flowers. The key product groups are roses and spray roses but we also process a broad range of other cut flowers. Upon arrival in our large refrigerator cell the flowers are processed by special processing machines. There we cut the flowers at the same length and in most cases a protective film is wrapped around the bouquets. Of course each grower has its own unique approach in this process. 

Our sales team is ready to meet all your requests. You can have us wrap the flowers in the quantities of your choice. To be delivered at the agreed date of course. 

Our mission is to be a reliable partner to all market parties in the product chain.

We intend to be a reliable partner to all actors in the chain, from breeder to grower and from carrier to end customer. We achieve this by operating and communicating in a transparent manner.

We want to offer high-quality cut flowers at the best price on a daily basis. We create a pleasant work environment, taking into account personal needs and abilities.

Route description BSI B.V.

BSI B.V. is established at location 109.50 in the immediate vicinity of FloraHolland Aalsmeer.

  • Take the roundabout at the main entrance to the left.
  • At the end of the road your only option is to turn right.
  • Follow this road until the end until you reach the next roundabout. Take this roundabout to the left.
  • Immediately drive up the ramp. At the top of the ramp on your left side you will find BSI. Usually there is parking space in front and otherwise at the large central car park.

Legmeerdijk 313 – 1431 GB  Aalsmeer – location 109.50